Our story

One evening in March 2018, Earvin, Jules and Arthur realized that an entrepreneurial desire resided within each of them. This desire, which had remained buried until then, was just waiting to take shape. They were unanimous, their creation would be a clothing brand...

The desire then gave way to a project, Miraje was born. In their eyes, it is not just a brand. It is an entity that not only represents them, but also binds them to the effigy of the last three letters, their initials. Miraje was originally conceived with the TicTacToe motif, which is now available in an eponymous collection.

Throughout the design process, the idea that Miraje should be an environmentally friendly brand took centre stage. Jules and Arthur made every effort to ensure transparency and product quality. So, in order not to deviate from these cherished values, they have struggled to find their rare pearls. Their creations respect international social, ethical and environmental standards. The embroidery is done in Paris by machine or with their fairy fingers on 100% organic cotton clothes. The attention to detail has been extended to the delivery box, also made of reusable organic cardboard.

If Miraje is their creation, it would not exist without the unfailing support of their partners. A big thank you to the local mission of Champigny and to the Collectif Vmapi for their precious advice and to the other actors for the referral in this project as well as to the webmaster for the many hours devoted to the site.