The collection embroidery machine is a collection which saw light due to the fact that its conception proved no technical defeat to our vast ideas. Our design could reflect what we imagined and the freedom to share what we believe is avantgarde fashion. The collection embroidered machine consists of that TicTacToe Machine as well as the collection Leon.

The TICTACTOE takes its origins from the game noughts and crossesXs and Os for our irish friends

T-shirt – The TicTacToe Zen
29 €

hoodie coton bio brode paris blanc miraje zen

Hoodie – The TicTacToe Zen
69 €

Hoodie – The TicTacToe Cook
69 €

T-shirt The TicTacToe Cook
29 €

The TicTacToe GOD

Collection Léon

The leon collection takes its name from the cries of the peacocks, our signature vertebrate of MIRAJE the plumes which show rich colour and unknown amount of forms which is confected by the peacock in which gives their royal presence.


The Léon Classic
29 € to 69 € 

The colourful Léon
29 € to 69 €

The white Léon
29 € to 69 €

 © Alexis Barbe